About Me....

Hello, my name is Marissa and I am from Theodore, Alabama. I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama and my major is physical education. I want to be a P.E. Teacher because after deep soul searching to find a career that I would enjoy, teaching seemed to be the best fit for me. Having played sports through high school and at the collegiate level, I am use to sport activities.....plus its fun:) It has taught me how to be a leader, humble and use teamwork. These characteristics were taught to me by my coaches, who I thank for shaping me into who I am.


I love Google!! When I learned about what Google had to offer it was in EDM 310. Since then I have used it a lot in my every day life. The greatest thing about it is that its FREE. I have payed money over the years for Microsoft programs that do the same thing that Google does. I am able to look at my account any where, any time, which I couldn't do with Microsoft with out carrying a junk drive with me. Also, if I create something in Google, I can have other people collaborate with me on it. Therefore, if you have not tried Google you are missing out because it is the best thing for teachers to use in their classrooms or personal life.

Physical Fit Students

Up to one out of every five children in the U. S. is overweight or obese, and this number is continuing to grow (Source: WebMD). As a physical education teacher I want to keep my students active. The more children run, walk and play the better the chance of them not becoming over weight at a young age. Also, when children are stuck in a classroom all day a break is good for them to clear their heads and get some time to re energize. When I become a teacher my lesson plans will be full of activities for my students to do, so that they will get the most out of P.E. time.

Learning Along With My Students

Being a great teacher means learning from your students when you don't know the answer and they do. If I am showing my students how to do something an they know how to do it better than me or know a new way of doing it. Then they will be more than welcome to show me and their classmates how to do it. Giving students the opportunity to shin when they are good at something gives them more confidence, which is what kid's need to day. Allowing students to take over the class while you keeping a eye on what is going on, gets the students involved in learning about the topic.


Many teachers don't use technology in physical education but, finding a way to incorporate it in a P.E. class is challenging. When I become a teacher I would like to use some technology in my classes. A digital camcorder would be something I would like to use, so that I could let the students videotape take themselves. The students would be able to make a instructional movie where they explain how to do a certain exercise, or how to play a certain sport like basketball. This would then allow the students to post it on my class blog I will have or make a videocast. I would also like to use a gaming system like Nintendo Wii in my classes. This might not sound like the best plan but, if I teach at a school where there is no gym for the students to go to when it rains then it would work great. Most students already play with gaming systems at their own homes and if I already had the gaming console then the students could bring their own gaming sticks from home, since Wii is a wireless gaming system. Wii makes people get up an move in order to play games on it which I think is good, so that people stay active and they also have educational games for kids to play also.

Why I Want To Be A Teacher

Becoming a teacher is a opportunity for me to motivate children to be the best they can. It is my way to give back what I have received in life to other children who may need the same attention I did. Being a teacher is an important responsibility that many women and men have accepted the challenge of. A goal of mind is to also step up to the call of teaching, to join a long list of other educators. Before I can be the best physical education teacher I can be, I must gain as much experience and knowledge as possible to insure that my students achieve success. Paying attention in my classes, asking my teachers for help, developing my personal learning network and finding a mentor are some ways I can assure that I complete my goals as a teacher. Also I would ask my mother and sister for advice since they are both teachers. They are two people that I look up to the most for guidance and advice.

My Teaching Philosophy

When I become a teacher I want to provide my students with the tools to succeed and inspire them to perform at their best. This will take hard work on my part to achieve these goals but, if I strive to be the type of teacher who creates an atmosphere where students want to, and will shine, I will feel as if I have accomplished something. If I encourage them to spread their wings and explore different possibilities they will see that anything is possible. I also want them to know that I am available to talk too at any time. Letting them know that they have some one to discuss any issue or problem they may be going through will be a way for me to get to know them better.